Welcome to GolfTips.org and start browsing on golf tips that actually help your game. Our content library is updated and improved on a regular basis to serve weekend warriors from all different levels. Just keep in my mind that reading alone won’t help you score lower. You need to still make an effort and find time to practice your game.

What golf tips to focus on – where should you improve?

Every player is different, but commonly most amateurs struggle on the same things. While hitting it long and strong is cool becoming a better driver of the ball rarely shaves a lot of strokes off the scorecard. Course management and short game are the two key things to start posting lower scores on a regular basis. Hit the right shots and avoid brain farts. Get up and down at least half of the time and sink occasionally longer putts than 5 feet.

But do you even know your data?

How many putts you have per round? How many up and downs? Are you collecting this information every round? If not, you should. Nowadays it’s very easy too, just download an app like GolfGameBook and mark your every round there. Including the stats. At least the amount of putts you took every hole. A putt is a shot taken on the green. Stroke is a shot taken off the green. Putting from off the green is a stroke and chipping on the green (yes, you can do this) is still considered a putt.