Where to watch LIV Golf?


Whether you’re against it or not, you probably find yourself in this article because at least you wanna see it. So where do you watch LIV golf?

While yes, it is not currently broadcasted anywhere on TV, there are still several ways to watch it on demand.

Watch LIV golf on Youtube

The great thing about Youtube is that you can pause it and watch it at your own pace. While yes, it is streamed live, you can always pause it, go back, etc.

LIV Golf Youtube Channel

If you have not been living in a dark hole for the past years, you can probably figure out how to watch Youtube on TV.

If for some reason you cannot access the content, use a VPN to set your location elsewhere. You’re welcome!

LIV Golf website

The stream is also available on the LIV golf website. The player they have is pretty decent, but Youtube is in my opinion a better option to watch LIV Golf.

LIV Golf website watch

And the same as with Youtube, you have the option to watch everything on replay. However, you cannot cast it on TV. Or maybe you can, if you have some computer skills that I don’t have.

LIV Golf on Facebook

You can also watch LIV golf on their Facebook page. But in my opinion, this is by far the worst. So if you’re in a hurry, get back to the section about the Youtube option and click the link to open their Youtube channel.

LIV Golf Facebook page

If manage to search videos on Facebook (it’s terrible), you might be able to view the replays somewhere. But don’t bother, just use Youtube instead.

LIV Golf on TV

In the USA there aren’t any TV channels currently that would broadcast LIV golf. But there are a few channels that have added LIV golf to their schedule.


Viaplay is a popular channel in Nordic countries that is available on a subscription-based model.


Other TV channels

There obviously have been a lot of rumors that certain channels or streaming services would take LIV golf on their program, but at least for now, nothing has been confirmed yet. Might be due to the fact that many of the known channels have made long deals with the PGA Tour. You know, the Rory and Tiger tour that is trying to copy LIV tour.

The most likely channel to partner up with LIV golf is FOX.

LIV Golf schedule: When to tune in 2022

  1. Centurion Club Hertfordshire, England June 9-11
  2. Pumpkin Ridge Portland, Ore. June 30 – July 2
  3. Trump National Golf Club Bedminster Bedminster, N.J. July 29-31
  4. The International Boston September 2-4
  5. Rich Harvest Farms Chicago September 16-18
  6. Stonehill Bangkok October 7-9
  7. Royal Greens Golf & Country Club Jeddah, Saudi Arabia October 14-16
  8. Trump National Golf Club Doral Miami October 27-30

So in total, there are 8 events on the LIV Golf tour in 2022. Next year they will extend the tour to 14 events and will most likely have more top players on the roster.

Mika has been playing golf for nearly three decades but is still in the search of a scratch handicap.