Golf chipping tips


Chipping is an area of the game where you can truly save shots and score lower. Getting it up and down on regular basis is a must to score low. But how to be able to do it? Continue reading golf chipping tips and improve your game.

Chipping tip nr. 1 – Know your wedges

Newer iron sets, especially game improvement sets, are pretty heavily lofted. While it’s nice in the sense that you can hit the ball longer with a 7 iron than before, it makes things a bit trickier when it comes to wedges. On most blade sets PW can be 48 degrees but with cavity backs, the PW is 42. While it gets you more distance on full shots it’s too little loft to successfully chip around the greens.

This doesn’t still mean that you should get a 60-degree wedge and become Phil. 

A 56-degree wedge with high bounce is a good all-around tool around the greens. But of course, check the loft of your PW so you get your wedge gapping done right. Currently, I play with Titleist T200 irons where P is 43 degrees and have the following Vokey wedges:

  • 48 degree 8 bounce
  • 52 degree 10 bounce
  • 56 degree 12 bounce
  • 60 degree 14 bounce

The club I use the most is the 56-degree wedge. If I have a lot of green to work on, I use either a 48 or 52-degree wedge.

Chipping tip nr. 2 – Chip shot is not a smaller version of full swing

A chip shot isn’t really a shorter version of a full golf swing. Instead, it is a completely different shot.


Mika has been playing golf for nearly three decades but is still in the search of a scratch handicap.