Golf Tips for beginners


Just ask anyone who plays golf – It’s the greatest game in the world! But getting started can be daunting as it definitely isn’t the easiest game around. Here are golf tips for beginners to make learning golf easier.

Hit the range

The golf range is a good place to get started. Start there, not on the course. It’s low pressure and you can take your time. No one is rushing you to hit faster at the range.

And don’t worry about the other people at the range. Nobody really cares. And they have been a beginner at some point too.

One club is enough in the beginning

You can have up to 14 clubs while playing the great game of golf, but it’s better to start with one. Usually, 7 iron is the preferred club to get started with, but 8 or 9 iron would be fine too. After you feel confident how you are hitting the ball and are actually hitting it solidly somewhere between 100-150 yards you can start trying with other clubs too.

Are lessons necessary?

Probably most guides that you have found on the internet recommend you to visit PGA professionals and start taking lessons. This however is quite costly and not mandatory. Some group lessons for beginners might be alright and give a quite nice introduction to the game but taking one on one lessons with a pro, in the beginning, might not be necessary.

While it isn’t necessarily the greatest idea to get lessons from your spouse or family member, a friend with some experience in golf might be enough. At least they could accompany you at the range if nothing else.

Get familiar with the rules and etiquette

While golf has become more casual over the years, there are still a lot of basic rules and etiquette that you should familiarise yourself with before hitting the course.

  • Don’t talk while others are hitting
  • Repair divots and ball marks
  • Let other people pass you or your group if they are faster
  • Pick up the ball once the stroke limit is done and move on to the next tee
  • Phone on silent mode
  • Shout FORE if your ball flies towards other people
Mika has been playing golf for nearly three decades but is still in the search of a scratch handicap.